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Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

More Hydrogen Production

Bigger cells operating at higher current densities means more hydrogen production at every level – cell, stack, electrolyzer and plant.

» Verdagy Water Electrolysis (VWE) is world leading

– Largest cells in the industry

– Operating at the highest current densities (10X traditional Alkaline Water Electrolysis)

– With the largest dynamic operating range and load shedding ability of 95% to reduce energy costs and load gaining ability to maximize H² production.

»Lowest capex & H² production costs

Bigger, better, faster, more!

Scaling up electrolyzers and plants to meet the 1.5 degrees climate goal.


Enhance Advantages, Design-out Disadvantages


Our VWE approach combines the three most compelling economic attributes into one elegant 20MW electrolyzer and 200MW plant called “eDynamic”. Our electrolyzer and plant are built with very large active area cells with the ability to run at industry leading current densities. ”eDynamic” gets its name from its ability to rapidly change operating parameters in order to capture optimal input energy pricing. Simply stated when energy prices are high, run less. When energy prices are low, run more. This dynamic operating range is unmatched in the industry. Taken together it’s game changing – the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit production economics.


“eDynamic” is an entirely new category of electrolyzer and plant. It starts with our very large cell and the know-how needed to successfully operate at high current densities and high dynamic operations. We’ve been doing this for over ten years supporting the chemicals industry with over 100,000 hours of operations. Our veteran team has been working tirelessly to design in the best, most advantageous features of large cells, while designing out all the aspects that cause failures. Taken together, “eDynamic” is robust and ready-to-scale.

VWE: Large Cells Drive Capex Savings

Unrivaled Commercial cell performance up to 230kW & 3kg/h H2

How Do We Compare To The Industry?

When this report is updated it will show an entirely new category and curve with VWE leading the industry with both the lowest cost hydrogen and the lowest electrolyzer cost – a new performance curve!

Pilot Plant

We operate a world class lab and pilot plant in Moss Landing, CA. We have everything needed onsite to rapidly prototype any new idea – from the lab to the pilot plant in hours. Faster experimentation, learning and problem solving enabled by physical infrastructure.


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