Verdagy expands its expertise and leadership team with key COO and CCO additions, further strengthening its position in the green hydrogen space

The company welcomes COO Peter Cousins, former Technology Leader at SunPower and Senior Director of Cell Engineering at Tesla, and CCO Kirk Edelman, former CEO of Siemens Financial Services, Inc. and CCO of Safari Energy Moss Landing, California (November 8, 2022) – Verdagy, a pioneer in scaling electrolyzer technologies for industrial markets, has welcomed two […]

Verdagy launches commercial electrolyzer module, demonstrating low-cost green hydrogen at scale

Moss Landing, California (September 20, 2022) – Verdagy, a pioneer in scaling electrolyzer technologies for industrial markets, demonstrated the commercial efficacy of its unique water electrolysis technology, eDynamic™, with two significant milestones on the path to costeffective hydrogen at scale. Verdagy is engineering the world’s largest membrane-based electrochemical cells to drive down the investment and […]

Doral Energy Tech Ventures joins TDK Ventures, Temasek, Shell Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Orbia Ventures, and BHP Ventures, with investment in Verdagy, Green Hydrogen-Electrolysis Startup

The company’s core innovation focuses on large scale electrolysis incorporating the advantages of AWE and PEM electrolyzers while designing out their inherent disadvantages. Verdagy has raised USD 25 million in Series A financing and plans to continue its scale-up activities and further demonstrate its novel electrolyzer technology. Israel, Ramat Gan; February 9th, 2022 – Doral […]

TDK Ventures Invests in Green Hydrogen-Electrolysis Startup Verdagy

● Moss Landing, CA. startup Verdagy brings scalability and technological innovation to the green hydrogen-electrolysis market, which is expected to break $53 billion by 2030 ● Verdagy combines their scalability with unprecedented capital cost savings and the lowest per-unit hydrogen economics to unlock applications in green industrial chemicals (fertilizers, petrochemicals, hydrogenation, etc.), green steel, and […]