Industrial Hydrogen at Scale

Verdagy is driving down the cost and energy needed to generate hydrogen for industry. We engineer and manufacture innovative advanced AWE electrolyzers that scale to gigawatt production facilities.

Verdagy Water Electrolysis - advanced AWE using sophisticated membranes

Combining mature, cost-effective AWE with the advantages of single-element cells using membranes

Single cell architecture

• Current density up to 2.0 A/cm2

• 20:1 dynamic operating range

• Patented cell design: uniform. Effective & flexible

• Simple maintenance and “future-proofing”

20 Megawatt Electrolyzer

The next decarbonization frontier:
heavy industry

While renewable energy sources can replace fossil fuels in many sectors, heavy industry needs hydrogen to decarbonize. Verdagy’s technology is making industrial hydrogen production cost-effective.

Varied group of forward-looking investors

We are backed by an incredible group of financial investors, renewable energy developers and Fortune 100 corporations. Our investors/partners are leading companies in the petro-chemical, industrial chemicals, energy infrastructure and mining industries, all sharing an extraordinary desire to deeply decarbonize their businesses at very large scale.