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Green Hydrogen Using
Renewable Energy and Water

Verdagy is innovating water electrolysis technology for the very large-scale production of green hydrogen. We are creating an entirely new category of high performance cells, electrolyzers and plants. Verdagy’s industry leading solutions achieve both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production.

Bigger, better, faster, more!

This is who we are, why we do what we do
and how we think about producing green hydrogen.
It is our culture and our way of working.


Big challenges require big ideas.  Our big idea is rather simple: make green hydrogen using renewable energy and water and do so at low costs. Be a leader in the hydrogen revolution.


Decarbonizing is a must and better low cost alternatives have arrived. Renewable energy and our green hydrogen go hand-in-hand and can help industries transition to clean energy and save money.


Our culture and our company were built on speed. Faster learning and problem solving. Faster experiments and results. Faster novelty and innovation. Speed enabled by personal autonomy with zero bureaucracy.


Our culture is centered on more. More ideas. More learning. More problem solving. More productive. More freedom. More inspiring. More impact. More enjoyable.


Discover the beauty of Moss Landing, CA

Coastal Living, Outdoor Recreation and so much more

We operate laboratory and pilot plant facilities in Moss Landing, California. Situated on the iconic Pacific Coast Highway mid-way between Santa Cruz and Monterey, the region offers access to world-class beaches, mountains and cities.

Moss Landing State Park is a popular, local destination.

Spectacular sunsets and great weather are enjoyed year round.

Cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities are easily accessible.


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Verdagy Headquarters
11500 Dolan Road • Moss Landing, CA 95039 • United States
tel 831-800-0250   •  fax 831-800-0249