Industrial Hydrogen at Scale

Verdagy is driving down the cost and energy needed to generate hydrogen for industry. We engineer and manufacture innovative electrolyzers that scale to gigawatt production facilities.

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Electrolyzer innovation puts
green hydrogen to work

Verdagy is a leader in scaling electrolyzer technology, with years of industrial production experience. Take a moment to meet Verdagy by watching our new video.

The next decarbonization frontier:
heavy industry

While renewable energy sources can replace fossil fuels in many sectors, heavy industry needs hydrogen to decarbonize. Verdagy’s technology is making industrial hydrogen production cost-effective.

Our electrolyzers' large size, current density, and dynamic range boost output

Our electrolyzers utilize our patented eDynamic® process, which is based on the world’s largest membrane-based electrochemical cell. These cells operate at industry-leading current densities with a wide dynamic operating range that helps maximize hydrogen production while reducing operating expenses.

Lower CapEx and energy costs optimize LCOH

Verdagy’s technology minimizes the CapEx and energy needed to produce industrial hydrogen, delivering the best levelized cost of hydrogen (LCoH) as production plants scale from megawatts to gigawatts.

Creating innovation by the ocean

Our scientists, engineers and technical experts work together in Moss Landing, California, between Santa Cruz and Monterey. The location includes our world-class pilot plant for rapid prototyping and problem solving. See how we work.

Neighboring inspiring beaches, mountains, and cultural centers, Verdagy offers a work environment and lifestyle difficult to match. We also offer competitive benefits. We are building a people-centric culture based on trust, respect and empowerment. Join us.

Varied group of forward-looking investors

We are backed by an incredible group of financial investors, renewable energy developers and Fortune 100 corporations. Our investors/partners are leading companies in the petro-chemical, industrial chemicals, energy infrastructure and mining industries, all sharing an extraordinary desire to deeply decarbonize their businesses at very large scale.