Advanced Alkaline Water Electrolysis

Verdagy’s advanced AWE eDynamic electrolyzers have revolutionized the entire process introducing a series of pioneering features that differentiate this technology:

Cartridge Design:

The innovation lies in the single-element SmartCell design, which amplifies scalability, simplifies maintenance, and permits adaptable configurations.

SmartCells Network:

Active monitoring of individual cells optimizes load balancing, maintenance schedules, and ensures robust overall system performance.

Sophisticated Membrane Separation:

By harnessing advanced membrane and catalyst technologies, processing efficiency is enhanced and operational costs are reduced.

High Operational Current Densities:

The eDynamic cells achieve remarkably high current densities, thereby enabling exceptional throughput and efficiency.

Together these features enable the advantages of AWE and PEM alternatives, while virtually eliminating the disadvantages, and in so doing provide a high productivity, high efficiency solution-designed from the ground up to be future proof.