The first step towards economically attractive green hydrogen

eDynamic® electrolyzers’ product technology leads to the highest efficiency in the industry.

The high current density operation of Verdagy’s eDynamic electrolyzers enables a wide range of operating conditions and fast, responsive (measured in seconds) performance. The ability of Verdagy’s electrolyzers to operate across such a broad dynamic range of current densities allows operators to both maximize hydrogen production with renewable sources and minimize their total production costs. This dynamic range and responsiveness are enabled by Verdagy’s patented cell and system technologies.

eDynamic optimizes the use of renewable energy

eDynamic’s plant design ensures highest grid reliability with renewables, at the lowest cost. The cells have an operating range from 0.1A/cm2 to 2A/cm2, enabling a 20:1 turndown ratio. This means that power plant operators can increase production to take advantage of lower energy prices or decrease production rates in response to fluctuating energy availability from renewable sources.

Economically Attractive

Verdagy eDynamic electrolyzers and patented cell technology create exceptionally low capital expenses.

Predictive monitoring ensures the smoothest, most reliable operation

Our hydrogen production cell architecture uniquely supports proactive maintenance and simple repair and is inherently upgradeable to improve your project economics as we keep innovating.

See how eDynamic can decarbonize your industrial process