The first step towards lowest LCOH

At their core eDynamic electrolyzers have unmatched versatility in both process and operation.

They are membrane and electrode-friendly, ready to accommodate new materials (which can be easily swapped in an upgrade). Their design supports the range necessary to interface with renewable and variable power sources. Altogether Verdagy’s VWE technology and eDynamic electrolyzers represent industry-leading efficiency and performance, at low cost, with a stack that will never require replacement during the life of the electrolyzer.

eDynamic optimizes hydrogen production to needs and pricing

Our SmartCells have an operating range from 0.1A/cm2 to 2A/cm2, enabling a 20:1 turndown ratio. This means that hydrogen power plant operators can increase production to take advantage of lower energy prices or decrease production rates in response to fluctuating energy
availability from renewable sources.

Lower Cost Barriers

Our eDynamic electrolyzers and patented SmartCell technology create exceptionally low CapEx.

Maximizing Operational Flexibility

eDynamic has the widest dynamic range available. Hydrogen plant production can be modulated based on energy availability, energy prices, and/or hydrogen demand.

Superior Serviceability and Future-Proofing

Our hydrogen production cell architecture uniquely supports proactive maintenance and simple repair and is inherently upgradeable as we continue to innovate.

See how eDynamic can decarbonize your industrial process

eDynamic is ready to scale up to your industrial green hydrogen challenge. Let us show you how it works.