An Electrolyzer That Scales

Our 20-megawatt eDynamic® electrolyzer is the basic building block of a green hydrogen power plant that can scale up to gigawatts.

eDynamic® — the first step towards lowest LCOH

Lowering Cost Barriers

Our eDynamic® electrolyzers and patented cell technology create exceptionally low CapEx.

Maximizing Operational Flexibility

eDynamic® has the widest dynamic range available. Hydrogen plant production can be modulated based on energy availability, energy prices, and/or hydrogen demand.

Simplifying Maintenance & Upgrades

Our hydrogen production cell architecture uniquely supports proactive maintenance and simple repair and is inherently upgradeable as we continue to innovate.

See how eDynamic® can decarbonize your industrial process

eDynamic® is ready to scale up to your industrial green hydrogen challenge. Let us show you how it works.