Green hydrogen decarbonizes industry

Hydrogen is an energy carrier, fuel, and chemical feedstock that can enable decarbonization across multiple sectors of the global economy.


Green Hydrogen can play a role in decarbonizing up to 25% of global energy-related CO2 emissions

95% of today’s hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels. By switching to green hydrogen, companies can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by double-digits. Verdagy’s green hydrogen systems offers the fastest path to broad market adoption with the lowest capital investments and operating costs across a wide range of industries including oil and gas, fertilizers, industrial chemicals, steel, mining and heavy transportation.

Designed to scale up and fit within industrial facilities

Backed by over a decade of technology and product development, with 100 patents – Verdagy’s green hydrogen systems deliver economically attractive, decarbonization solutions for customers.

Verdagy offers a commercially available product that is on track to be on price parity with fossil fuels. We are ready to partner and scale to your decarbonization efforts.

Green hydrogen for steel manufacturing

Steel manufacturing comprises around 8% of total global emissions, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s more than any other industrial segment. Steel operations can replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen in their manufacturing.

Decarbonizing oil & gas operations

Green hydrogen is a central tool in the decarbonizing of the refining process to combat global warming.

Green hydrogen in mining

Within the mining sector, transportation and energy storage are seen as primary use applications of green hydrogen. Mining firms can produce their own green hydrogen with an on-site electrolyzer, avoiding the need for long-term storage and distribution.

Green hydrogen is key for the chemical industry

The chemical industry uses fossil fuels as sources of energy, that are transformed into finished products like ammonia for fertilizers that grow food. The chemical industry could more than halve its emissions by switching to green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen power for the energy infrastructure

Green hydrogen has innumerable uses to help store and deliver power across the energy infrastructure. Fuel cells can convert hydrogen into electricity wherever it is needed: in stationary applications such as backup power sources and mobile uses such as warehouse equipment and electric vehicles.

Learn more about green hydrogen

Verdagy is rapidly expanding our commercial activities and we are here to tell you more about how we can help you achieve economically attractive green hydrogen for large-scale industrial applications.