Green hydrogen:
20 megawatts up to 200 megawatts and beyond

Verdagy designed and built a new type of electrolyzer and plant using Advanced AWE, arising from the team’s decades of industry experience, 100 patents and proven technology.

Why Verdagy?

Fastest path to broad market adoption with the lowest capital investments and operating costs across a wide range of industries.

Dynamic plant design ensures highest grid reliability with renewables, at the lowest cost.

Superior product design leads to the highest efficiency in the industry.

Predictive monitoring ensures the smoothest, most reliable operation.

Economically Attractive

Verdagy’s technology minimizes the capital expenses and energy required to produce industrial hydrogen, delivering the best levelized cost of hydrogen for production plants scaling from megawatts to gigawatts.


The ability of Verdagy’s electrolyzers to operate across such a broad dynamic range of current densities allows operators to both maximize hydrogen production with renewable sources and minimize their total production costs.

Wide dynamic range aligns hydrogen production with needs and renewables

Verdagy’s technology was designed from the ground up to meet the demands of today – industrial-scale, high current density operations; flexibility, speed, responsiveness and the ability to optimize the use of renewable energy.

Fossil Fuel Parity

Verdagy’s high current density in its commercial-scale Advanced AWE system is 2.0 Amperes/cm2. Amperes/cm2 is a unit of measure of the current in an electrical conductor per square centimeter, which means a higher current density system can produce more hydrogen in the same area, significantly lowering electrolyzer equipment costs. In addition, Verdagy’s system also surpasses the Department of Energy’s Technical Targets for liquid alkaline electrolysis, paving the way to achieve fossil parity production costs.

Scaling to 100 Megawatts & Beyond

Learn more about green hydrogen

Verdagy is rapidly expanding our commercial activities and we are here to tell you more about how we can help you achieve economically attractive green hydrogen for large-scale industrial applications.