Reinventing hydrogen electrolysis at industrial scale

Verdagy built an entirely new type of electrolyzer and plant using advanced AWE, arising from our extensive industry experience and proven base technology.

Verdagy Green Hydrogen at Scale

• Low capital investment

• Low operating cost

• Dynamic operating capability

• Superior cell design

• Superior serviceability and future-proofing

Lower CapEx and energy costs optimize LCOH

Verdagy’s technology minimizes the CapEx and energy needed to produce industrial hydrogen, delivering the best levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) as production plants scale from megawatts to gigawatts.


We maximize hydrogen production through our wide dynamic operating range with load shedding ability of 95% to reduce energy costs and load

Wide dynamic range aligns hydrogen production with needs and renewables

Verdagy’s eDynamic® product can rapidly change operating parameters in order to meet changing conditions. Customers can modulate production to better follow demand while utilizing off-peak power prices. This helps to optimize facility design and ongoing operating costs.

Larger cells and high current density improve output and efficiency

Our advantage is simple: bigger cells operating at higher current densities deliver more hydrogen production at every level – cell, stack, electrolyzer, and plant. Verdagy’s approach scales up to plants 200 MW and beyond.


Using the largest cells in the industry


Capability to run at current densities that exceed any other alkaline water electrolysis technologies

Scaling to 100 Megawatts & Beyond

Designed for low up-front costs, scalability and ease of maintenance

Verdagy’s technology is designed to grow as our customers grow. Our unique cell design and architecture simplify manufacturing and reduce component count for greater reliability. Our mature approach to operations and predictive maintenance optimizes uptime. What’s more, we can easily replace key components over time as we continue to innovate, ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced technologies. In short – our electrolyzers get better over time.

Get involved in the future of hydrogen

Verdagy is rapidly expanding our operations and commercial activities. Contact us to learn more about how we are advancing green hydrogen electrolyzer technologies for large-scale industrial applications.