Advanced alkaline water electrolyzer pilot plant accelerates scalability

Our lab and highly automated commercial pilot plant contains all we need to rapidly prototype any new idea–from the lab to pilot to production

Verdagy’s world-class pilot plant accelerates problem solving

Our physical infrastructure leads to faster experimentation, learning and problem solving

Innovating our hydrogen electrolyzer with rapid prototyping

These photos give you a look inside our full-scale pilot plant in Moss Landing. Being steps away from our lab and offices, this facility gives us a fast response to new information and technology.

2 MW eDynamic advanced alkaline water electrolyzer (AWE) pilot plant.
SmartCells in the 2 MW eDynamic advanced AWE pilot plant.
Our pilot plant contains our fully operational 500 kW electrolyzer with full size SmartCells, along with a 100 kW electrolyzer for additional testing and a 2MW electrolyzer pilot plant to be energized shortly.
Our demo unit, rated at 500 kW, is fully instrumented and monitored, so we can run large-scale tests to validate our design and lab findings.
Here we are demonstrating the efficiency of our SmartCell architecture by easily inserting or removing cells from our electrolyzer.
Our in-house shop allows us to design, manufacture and maintain all parts of our electrolyzer, so we can rapidly implement new approaches and upgrades.
The pilot plant has plenty of space for maintaining our inventory as well as a safe environment for all our employees.
With our lab located right next door, we can rapidly prototype any new idea – from the lab to the pilot plant in hours.

Ready to come see for yourself?

Verdagy invites customers, partners and investors to come see our scalable hydrogen electrolyzer technology in our pilot plant in Moss Landing.