Scaling up hydrogen electrolyzers for industrial-size challenges

Verdagy builds hydrogen electrolyzers with the industry’s lowest CapEx and highest efficiency to achieve best-in-class levelized costs of hydrogen (LCOH). We focus on large-scale electrolyzers and have demonstrated speed to scale at the pilot plant level. Our marque product is our 20MW Dynamic® hydrogen electrolyzer, enabling production facilities based on eDynamic, the ability to scale to gigawatts.

An Electrolyzer That Scales

Our 20-megawatt eDynamic® electrolyzer is the basic building block of a green hydrogen power plant that can scale up to gigawatts.

Verdagy has developed a revolutionary advanced alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) technology.

Verdagy advanced AWE effectively addresses the barriers that limited traditional AWE adoption by utilizing innovative single-element cells operating at high current densities with sophisticated membrane separation. This framework represents a breakthrough solution that redefines hydrogen extraction by providing high efficiency, low cost, robust operation effective over a broad dynamic range, with an expected product life of more than two decades.

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