Scaling up hydrogen electrolyzers for industrial-size challenges

Verdagy is building hydrogen electrolyzers with the industry’s lowest CapEx and highest efficiency to achieve best-in-class levelized costs of hydrogen (LCOH). We focus on large-scale electrolyzers and have demonstrated speed to scale at the pilot plant level. Our marque product is our 20MW eDynamic® hydrogen ecltrolyzer, enabling production facilities based on eDynamic® can scale to gigawatts.

Engineered to simplify maintenance and upgrades of the latest technology

Verdagy’s technology is designed to grow with our customers. Our unique cell architecture simplifies manufacturing, while an enormous cell size reduces component count for greater reliability. Our systems are rigorously monitored, providing predictive maintenance to optimize  uptime and labor costs. We engineered these systems to make it straightforward to replace key components easily over time. As we continue to innovate, our customers maintain access to the most advanced and efficient electrolysis technology.

eDynamic® optimizes hydrogen production to needs and pricing

Our cell has an operating range from 0.1A/cm2 to 2A/cm2, enabling a 20:1 turndown ratio. This means that hydrogen power plant operators can increase production to take advantage of lower energy prices, or decrease production rates in response to fluctuating energy availability from renewable sources.

Continuing innovations on drive for lowest LCOH

Verdagy’s mission is to make green hydrogen electrolyzers cost-effective. We introduced new, patented, low-capex electrolysis technology for our current cells. We are continuing to innovate to create cells that achieve new levels of cost-effectiveness and production efficiency.

Let’s discuss how our electrolyzers
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